Customer Service Guarantee of Authenticity & Satisfaction

Buying a Bag?

Have you ever bought something pre-loved, described as in 'excellent' condition'?

Something thats photos made it look OK...quite good in fact, and when it arrives, its nothing like you'd expected? Or, even worse, it doesn't arrive, or even worse still, its a fake? There is nothing more disappointing than when this happens, and nothing more stressful than trying to get a refund from Sellers who just don't care. Unfortunately, this seems to happen alot...... and we've all been there.

When you buy from the Nest, you will always know you are buying a 100% authentic item and you will always know its condition in complete and accurate detail.

My listings often focus on all the negative aspects of somethings condition, but I would always rather my Buyers were overjoyed with their purchase, rather than disappointed and I strive to ensure that every transaction is the best online experience you will have encountered.

No question is ever too big or too small.

No query or worry about style, colour-coordination, practicality, weight, etc is ever answered without my complete, honest and (often) very candid opinion.

I like to be able to give an informed view of whether something is comfortable to carry, is easy to use, or whether the shoulder straps are just a little on the short side for the average person!

I photograph in great detail, aiming to provide as close an experience to a personal inspection as is possible., using a real-life backdrop to try and ensure the items seen in context......and its always a very honest 'warts-and-all' depiction......

However, nothing will rival seeing a bag in the flesh, which is why I provide a no-quibble Return Policy so you can be reassured that if your purchase isn't right for you, you can send it straight back. I think these are things that make a difference and I hope this difference shows.

The Nest aims to ensure you receive the highest Customer Service possible, from beginning to end, so that buying your bag is even more enjoyable than going to the store.

If you need any information or would like additional photographs of an item at any time, please don't hesitate to ask as its always best to be as sure as possible about your purchase before buying. Returns are never, ever a problem but the buyer pays all postage costs and if payment is via Paypal, there are their fee's too..... so it can be expensive!

Selling a Bag?

Have you tried to sell a beautiful, authentic designer item on ebay?

Didn't the winning bidder / buyer pay, make demands after the listing ended, receive the item to then dispute its condition, its authenticity or even claim it didn't arrive at all?

Ebay can be SUCH an unpleasant experience sometimes and sadly it does seem to be getting worse.

Maybe you've tried a third-party marketplace, or even via another Agency and just found the whole experience time consuming, stressful and lacking in the personal service you'd hoped for? This is where I hope I can help.

Naughtipidgins Nest aims to provide all its Sellers with the pinnacle of customer service.

Fendi First

All the hard work, all the stress and most importantly all the risk is taken away for you, with regular updates as to interest in your item, suggestions for marketing opportunities and ultimately an unrivalled selling ability, both in terms of audience, speed of sale and optimum price.

All items are sold on a Consignment basis, which means items are sold for you. If your item meets the Nest's criteria you just post your item in and thats it!

You're item will be listed on the site, promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram and privately marketed to a long list of clients exclusive to the Nest.

Just 14 days after the buyer receives your item, your payment will be due to you and the Nest takes a small commission for its services. Easy as that!

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