100% Authenticity Guarantee. Only Genuine Designer Handbags, Purses & Accessories

All Nest items are always 100% AUTHENTIC100% GUARANTEED.

No third-party-selling, no drop-shipping, marketplaces or auctions......just a simple, straightforward service where you can purchase 100% Authentic products with a  cast-iron guarantee of Authenticity.

All items accepted in the Nest are thoroughly and expertly examined (by me!) to ensure Authenticity, as a fake, no matter how 'realistic,' is always identifiable if you have the right skills.

I am proud to have built my business on over 30 years of experience and wide-ranging knowledge gained from continual in-depth enjoyment and study and am now recognised as one of the UK's most reputable individuals / companies for the buying and selling of Authentic Designer Bags.

I only stock brands I have a complete and thorough knowlegde of, (so sorry Goyard lovers!) and if I am ever in any doubt about an item, I won't stock it!

The Nest was established in 2005 and continues to provide an unrivalled service across all aspects of luxury handbag resale.

In addition to providing a completely safe, trustworthy and extremely easy way to buy and sell your items, the Nest also aims to help educate on authenticity in general.

Through the extensive detail provided in every one of the Photo Galleries on each listing, I hope that you'll not only be fully informed on the item's condition, but that you can also begin to improve your own knowledge and confidence on identifying the indicators that will allow you to spot a fake in the future.

It's a small step in the world of Reselling & Consignment Services but the counterfeit industry is a destructive and criminal one and the more that can be done to help stamp it out, the better.

Whilst I can't provide an Authentication Service for pieces outside the Nest,  (there just aren't enough hours in the day!) I am always delighted to provide the contact details of number of Independent Authenticating companies, so just get in touch and I'll happily recommend the most suitable one for your needs.

I'm not affiliated with any brands, businesses or agencies so you can be assured there's never any bias or prejudice when it comes to second opinions, whether you'd like additional reassurance regarding an item within the Nest or just help with the authentication of a piece being sold elsewhere.

Drop me a message any time and I'll always assist!