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  1. It’s widely known I am a sucker for the older Mulberry leathers.

    Nothing’s quite as classic as a well spaced Congo print, a characterful Kenya or a gloriously grainy Chester Goatskin.


    The aroma of a lovingly cared for, vintage Darwin piece is utterly intoxicating and the robustness and beauty of this leather has yet to be surpassed by any other, in my view.elgin

    I’m often asked why the Nest doesn’t stock more Vintage Mulberry and the answer is, I’d love to!

    It’s just sooo difficult to find pieces that are in a good enough condition, as even the hardiest of pieces will show wear and tear after 10 years + use. (It’s super rare for unused pieces to come in, as who could resist not carrying a beautiful piece for all that length of time?)

    When I am lucky enough to be approached with a piece that’s just too lovely not to accept, I think it’s safe to say I don’t hold back on how I feel about their fabulousness! I just can’t help being a bit too verbose as sometimes even the photos don’t do these older pieces justice.

    My favourite Mulberry design to date has to be the ‘Somerset’ Range. From the wee little pochettes to the North South Totes…. and all the variations of the shoulder bags, hobos and messengers in between…… I’ve always loved their chunky discs, their pretty but practical styling and ultimately their sleek simplicity.

    Mulberry Somerset Dispatch Satchel

    Probably the bag I regret rehoming the most, from my own collection, was a stunning Mulberry Somerset Dispatch Satchel in Oak Tumbled Leather.

    A really good sized flap-bag that just ticked all the boxes. Saying that…..these days I’d probably find it too large and a little too heavy, but still, it does haunt me a little that I let it go too prematurely.

    Anyway, I know there’s still lots of interest in the older designs, so below is a  little montage of some of my fave Mulberrys the Nest rehomed between 2009 and 2011. 

    If you’re like me and have some time on your hands, see how many names you can remember and perhaps which ones you’ve actually owned!

    Stay home, (if you can), stay safe and stay well.

    Lots of love



    Vintage 1

    Vintage 2

    Vintage 3

    Vintage 4

    Vintage 5

    Vintage 6

    Vintage 7

  2. Hello there!

    Writing this little blog is something of a luxury for me, as no doubt you know I'm usually flat-out running the Nest these days. However, as we find ourselves in these weird and worrying times of COVID-19, there’s now time to put together another post and after asking you what sort of things you'd like to know, the resounding first replies have been 'What bags do you carry?'

    I have to admit, after many years of yo-yoing from a collection upwards of 80 down to a collection of less than 10, I’ve now found what I think is the perfect balance for my lifestyle. (Well until the next irresistible bag comes along!!!)

    I hope my taste won’t be too disappointing though, as I’m sure many folk probably imagine I’ve display cabinets overflowing with Hermes and Chanel. The reality is much more mundane, I’m afraid! Most of my high-end pieces have been rehomed over the years as I just don’t have the opportunity to carry them now we live in a wee, rural village and as a small business owner, sometimes it’s more important to have funds in the bank than an array of fabulous bags that never get used.

    That said, I am so incredibly grateful and lucky to have an endless supply of amazing items coming in from clients rehoming their pieces at the Nest, allowing me the constant opportunity to enjoy and appreciate their beauty, without spending a bean.

    It has taken a while to learn not to give in to temptation (and there are still many, many pieces that literally make me weak at the knees when I’m photographing), but I've steeled myself to know that someone else will get better use. Plus as there’s much less profit in Resale than you might think, I generally can’t afford to buy anyway, lol!!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little peek into my life and please……don’t judge me too harshly!!!

    So, let’s start with my longest standing staple. LV NolitaShe’s accompanied me on every holiday I’ve been on in the last 10 years and I really couldn’t imagine going away without her….my lovely Louis Vuitton Nolita 24 Heures.

    Brilliant as carry-on luggage and so incredibly hardy, she’s pretty beaten up now but I absolutely adore her and is one piece I know I could never part with.

    MBMJ Kiss


    Next up is a bag I share with my daughter, Alice.

    Gifted to her for her birthday by one of my loveliest friends, I occasionally use this Marc By Marc Jacobs Backpack as a gym bag, as its super strong, really light and washes a treat!

    Fun and funky, there’s lots of space inside and whilst it’s probably a bit on the young side for me, Alice lets me use it when I want, without comment on age appropriateness! 


    In terms of my preference for an everyday bag, I like a compact, zip-top, crossbody messenger that fits all my basics but doesn’t weigh me down.

    I used to carry a small Mulberry Antony but as I’ve got older I found it just a little too heavy, giving me a one sided neck-ache, so rehomed it for Cats Protection last year.

    Now I alternate between a little Mulberry Somerset Dispatch and a Burberry Smoked Check Camera Bag. Both the perfect size and weight for me.


    Bal City SC

    If I ever need something a bit roomier for going out shopping, I use my Balenciaga City.

    Again is zip top, light to carry and I can get the top handles on my shoulder if I don’t have a coat on, so good to wear right up under my arm, vs waist level if carried by the shoulder strap.


    SLG’s are a fixed staple of my mahoosive Gucci Guccissima Zip Around purse (literally the most practical wallet I’ve ever owned), my Aspinal zip pouch, my Mulberry Cosmetic Bag and my Paul Smith key pouch, (very beaten up these days, but gift to me by a very dear friend, so will use it till it expires!).

    I’ve been on the look-out for a nice phone case since I lost my last LV one, so until I find one I like, my mobile's naked.


    MK Snake


    My day to night bags are both Michael Kors (and again shared with Alice, though she uses them less than I do).

    Perfect for an afternoon shopping, ending up in a restaurant and / or pub.

    They are both pieces I don’t have to baby or worry about in the slightest but still look fab.




     The little textured black leather MK was my staple during my first ever Festival last year

    ….the mud just wiped straight off, lol!




    I’ve two evening bags….. a really pretty, snake embossed, metallic pewter leather, slim framed clutch from in River Island (honestly, you’d never know!) and an emerald green Dior Promenade Shoulder Clutch with silver hardware that I adore.

    Both come with some really happy memories and its always super satisfying giving the Dior some TLC as the lambskin texture just seems to get better and better with age.



    The last piece I thought you’d like to see is a vintage Mulberry. It was made as Shoe Care case, (for brushes and polish, etc) but I’ve always used as a jewellery box, and find it so handy to pop into a suitcase when travelling. (PS – my suitcase is an amethyst purple Rimowa but its honestly so battered these days I really didn’t think you’d want a pic!)

    Mulberry Shoe Case

    Anyway, I really hope you found this little post interesting and you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed putting in together.

    Let me know what other topics, information or just general opinions you might like to read… keeps me busy and away from the biscuit tin!

    Speak soon and lots of love