About Naughtipidgins Nest

A little of the history and ethos of my site......I created my website as a result of the ever escalating ebay fees and ever increasing issues encountered with non-payment on ebay. I wanted to find a way of running 'Naughtipidgins Nest' in a less stressful and more affordable manner whilst being able to maintain a reliable turnover.

Undeniably, ebay is and always will be fantastic for its global reach and high audiences, but sadly auctions were becoming more and more unreliable, with a silly number of non-paying bidders and an increasing number of less than honest Buyers. Whilst hugely frustrating from a Sellers point of view, it's also very unfair for good Buyers as it artificially inflates end-prices resulting in cancelled sales and subsequent mistrust when items are continuously relisted.

The solution to escape this marketplace seemed to be to set up my own website and let my regular customers, (who have bought from me many times over the years) know that I now had an alternative venue where there was no bidding required, no need for a Customer Account or Log-On and and was a far more economic source to buy or sell their designer bags. Naughtipidgins Nest was born.....

My commitment to my customers is to always provide a completely straightforward, reliable, honest and transparent service, whether it be Buying a bag or Selling a bag.

Integrity and trust is the cornerstone of my business and I treat every client with the same respect and consideration, no matter what.

I aim to provide a high-quality, tailor-made service so intend to always remain on a fairly small scale, retaining the personal touch and maintaining the exclusivity that allows my prices to stay low, my service-levels to remain high and everyone to be happy, (in particular keeping the elusive work-life balance!)

I love bags, I love my work and I particularly enjoy photography, which I think shows in the galleries I provide of my items.

Everything is listed with an extremely high level of attention to detail, which continues in its wrapping, packing and the communication to its new owner, as I truely believe the experience of buying a designer bag should be a wonderful one from start to finish.

Every item is always of a very high condition standard, is always 100% Authentic, 100% guaranteed and my no-quibble Return Policy is something I believe is an absolute must when buying anything online. (No matter how good the photos, there is nothing to replace the physical experience of seeing a bag in real life.) I like to keep things very simple, so I hope my site is easy to use.

There's no need to register your details, give passwords or sign-up for newsletters. There's no advertising, no pop-ups or cookies and you won't ever be bombarded with Spam from visiting my site. No affiliates, no private groups, no VIP areas.....everyone receives exactly the same treatment no matter what. My aim is simply to provide a easy, clear and enjoyable online experience that ultimately helps you find the bag of your dreams.....(and then the next one!)

Anyway, thanks for taking a moment to read about the Nest, I really hope you find what you are looking for and if you don't, just drop me a message and I'll make a note, so I can let you know if one comes into stock.