Authentic Second Hand Designer Bags

I'm often asked, where does all your stock come from? And the answer is, people like you!!!

The Nest provides a service where I sell on your behalf (called a Consignment Service) so all my stock belongs to other people, (it's not owned by me). Everything comes in to the Nest for full assessment and marketing and stays with me till its safely dispatched to its new owner, so you know there's a single point of responsibility at all times.

Whether you just treat yourself once a year, or like to refresh your collection every few weeks, I hope customers enjoy browsing my site as I aim to offer a wide range of authentic second hand designer bags, that I know and love.

Ranging from vintage to Brand New, each and every bag will be one that I personally adore, would be proud to carry and that is guaranteed to be 100% Authentic.

Condition will always be clearly described and photographed and you can be confident that you'll always know exactly what you are buying.

Only the loveliest bags are accepted for resale at the Nest, as I want to ensure my buyers are delighted with their purchases and never disappointed.

I also aim to provide a wide range of prices too, so whether it's a 'first-designer-purchase', a little gift for a loved one or a rare, highly sought after limited edition, that may now command a higher price than when first released, there will be something in stock to suit.

The Nests purpose is to examine, photograph, carefully look-after and market items in order to achieve the maximum return for the owner whilst providing the best price possible to the buyer.

Never an easy balance to achieve but a skill learned and perfected over many years, so you can be reassured that whether you are buying or selling authentic second hand designer bags at the Nest, your satisfaction is paramount.