The NPNP Passport. A Guarantee of Authenticity & Provenance.

Buying a pre-owned handbag online can sometime feel like a rather disconnected and isolated process. Your Seller often remains anonymous and rarely provides information as to where and when they acquired the item you've now bought.

Knowing the provenance of your purchase can often make a difference, not just to how you feel about buying it, but how you feel about the actual item and also its inherent value, both now and in the future.

(All Mulberry-aholics know that a bag 'Made in England,' has a perceived premium to one 'Made in China', though in reality the workmanship and quality can be identical!)

So, if, like me, you recycle your collection, it can be a real benefit to be able to pass on pertinent information to the new owner.

For example, when and where it was first bought, exactly what its called, what the leather type is and how it should be cared for, if there have been any repairs or re-inking done and even how many previous owners it's had. Over time however, this information often gets overlooked, lost or just forgotten, so I thought it would be useful to accompany your purchase with a document that not only provides a guarantee of authenticity but also records all the information on its origins that it came with.

When you buy an item from Naughtipidgins Nest you will already know its 100% Authentic, its condition in great detail and what comes with it,  (care cards, dustbag, etc). As from Feb 2013 any item purchased that has a unique serial number will also now have an NPNP, (NaughtiPidgins Nest Passport.)

It will include an identifying photo of your purchase, its serial number, title, leather description and Care Instructions, so you can look after your purchase appropriately. Having this history and background, along with some important identifying information, such as the serial number and receipt, should also be a small measure in the ongoing fight against counterfeiting.

Where available, its first purchase-date and retail location will be provided and also a copy of the original receipt, as seen in the Photo Gallery, (so this receipt is uniquely linked to your item). After the 14 days return period, if you'd like the original receipt too, (all personal and financial information will be redacted,) just let me know.

Naughtipidgins Nest won't provide the names of previous owners, for privacy reasons, leaving subsequent owners to complete as much or as little information in the Passport as they are comfortable with.

Over time, a valid history can be built-up, giving new owners both a reassurance of authenticity and some interesting and valuable knowledge of its previous life.

Some bags can be so well travelled they have circled the globe more than once!

The NPNP is part of the service and records of all Passports issued are retained, so I will always be happy to verify validity should you find one accompanying an item for sale elsewhere. However NPNP's are unique so copies won't be issued.