The Nests Condition second-hand bags needn't mean 'Used' bags

The majority of the items I sell are pre-owned (or pre-loved as the resale market likes to say), but all of the Nests items have been personally selected to be of the highest condition standard and quality.

Each item will display their own character and individual signs of use, however, its surprising how many bags arrive at the Nest in a 'New' condition, having never been used at all!

Although all bags in the Nest will be in an exceptionally good condition for pre-owned, everyone has their own preferences for the degree of use they like their bags to have received and so I aim to cater for all tastes, (and budgets) but only ever sell items I love in the hope that you will too.

When describing the condition of an item, attention to detail is very important but I also like to give an overall assessment of the items' condition so you can gauge whether it falls into your preferred state. It has been said that may standards are very high compared to most but here's explanation of the general categories that I use.

There are always extensive photo galleries of all the items for sale and often the close-up photos illustrating any issues mentioned in the description can have the effect of making them look a million time worse than to the naked eye. Please do review the photos in conjunction with the listing and Condition Category ascribed, as this will provide the best guide possible.

New - With or without tags, this is an item that is 'Shop'' perfect and has never been carried. Brand New and immaculate with no issues.

Please do remember to refer to the listing for details of any accompanying packaging as sometimes, even brand new items come without dustbags, cards, tags, etc.

 Also, do remember items will have been handled for photographs to bring you the most accurate details about the item you are buying.

New* - With or without tags, this is an item that is brand new but has some minor issue. It may be a 'Sub'' or second, but full details and extensive photographs will be provided in the listing.

 *The addition of a Star after any Condition Rating means there is a exception to the overall category given. This may be extremely minor but please do ensure you read the listing for details of why its been applied. 

As-New - An item that may have been carried but would virtually pass for new. 

Possibly the lightest creasing to the leather, extremely light signs of handling or scratches to the base feet from when its been placed on a shelf. Many ex-display items fall into this category.

Excellent - An item with very few immediate signs of use.  There may be some very minor cosmetic blemishes but the item will be in an extremely good condition both inside and out.

Very Good - In a lightly used condition, there will be some signs of use but nothing to detract. Leather may be softened with light wear and there may be marks, scratches or scuffs, but every aspect of conditon will be photographed and described so you can view and assess.

Good Used - Gently loved, the item will be in a generally good condition but obviously used condition throughout.

There may be blemishes, possible areas of fading or water-spots. 

The leather may be well softened with a seasoned patina and there may be darkening to the handles or light scuffs to the corners.

Louis Vuitton Phenix Shoulder Tote in Blue Jean Denim Blue Epi Noir
Louis Vuitton Ange PM in Monogram Silk Noir and Ludlow Compact Purse

Well Used - A well-used and loved piece. Possibly vintage, it may have a very lived-in look, display numerous marks, scuffs, scratches, darkening, rubbing and general signs of wear.  The hardware may display tarnish or plating loss and the leather will most likely have a well-seasoned patina. Inking may have peeled or be absent and the interior may have pen marks or other signs of use.

There may be a perfumed or possibly vintage aroma, but it will be expressly mentioned and none of my items will ever smell of cigarette smoke. All my well used items will be completely structurally intact and fit for purpose, without holes, exposed piping and any other detriments that effect the aesthetic

I hope this helps you in your buying decisions but please do remember everyone is different and will have different standards, so there will always be an element of personal interpretation.