Realistic Pricing for Pre-owned Authentic Bags, Purses & Accessories

If you are looking to purchase an item, please no offers!! It does seem the norm these days to ask for discounts but sadly prices stated are fixed, as are appropriate, competetive and have been agreed with their owners.

All items entering the Nest are priced to reflect their condition and desirability. Obviously a bag in a barely carried condition will almost always command a higher price than a used bag, though each and every item is always examined thoroughly and priced on its merits. Prices are discussed and agreed with Sellers, but reality checked by me, so you know that they are consistent and fair, based on the items worth. 

Prices are subject to change and benchmarked regularly against RRP and market competition to ensure you get the very best price possible and that you'll come back time and time again to Buy and Sell at the Nest.

I'm often asked how is the Nest able to sell at such competetive prices and offer such low commission rates? 

Well, I am very lucky to be able to sell via as without a high street store to run or employees to pay, there are no significant overheads or major expenses and there isn't the time-hungry requirement to manage others. My commission rates can therefore be very low, but one of the major factors in being able to offer a premium service at such an affordable cost is 'exclusivity'.

Strange as it sounds, keeping the Nest's profile relatively low ensures I can deal with every single question, sale and purchase personally and also it means I don't have to pass VAT on to my Buyers which makes life easier for me and bags cheaper for you!   

Prices are listed in GBP (£'s) and are subject to change at anytime, in line with Designer's price increases, market forces and inflation.

Occasionally, throughout the year I may have flash sales to clear stock and though discounts are rarely huge, (as margins aren't huge to begin with), there's always a bargain to be had for a keen eye.

Also, when Selling your bag, the Nest's pricing and profit-margins are very transparent and I am always happy to walk you through the Consignment process, so just get in touch.

Part-Exchanging  can also be a time-efficient way to trade your bags and postage on your chosen purchase is then entirely free within the UK. Please do remember though, financially its always better to Consign your item as the credit value you receive from a part-exchange is always less than if you sold your item via the Nest.

There are never large profits to be made in recycling pre-loved bags but its something that I really enjoy and indulges my passion, whilst helping others to indulge theirs. This is my greatest reward so its a very happy balance indeed.