Please sell my Designer Handbags

If you have a designer handbag that you don't carry any more and would like to rehome then NPN Bags would be delighted to assist! As long as your items are authentic, in an 'excellent' condition or above, from a smoke-free home and from a designer I stock, then just get in touch by emailing me at [email protected] 

To sell your designer handbags is a very simple process at the Nest. You just take a few photos, send them in with details of your item and I'll get back to you with a proposed resale price and the amount you'll receive back.

If you decide you'd like to go ahead you just post your item into the Nest and then everything else is done for you.

No need to worry about anything and just 14 days after your buyer receives the item, you'll receive your payment, directly into your bank account, or if you are overseas, by PayPal. No risks of Chargebacks, no returns, no hassle.

It really is that easy and very economical too, as you'll receive a minimum of 75% of the value of your item dependent on desirability and condition!

Why sell at the Nest?

Firstly, with over 20,000 visitors every month from the UK and overseas, you'll have a wide audience of buyers all looking to purchase an item, safe in the knowledge that it will 100% authentic and 100% honestly described.

Secondly, the high level of attention to detail in every listing ensures there is an extremely low return rate, so a purchase very rarely gets sent back. A straightforward sale means a quick and straightforward payment to you

Thirdly, it’s very easy and economical for you, as there are NO additional deductions, costs or fees for you of any kind!

Finally, all the risks associated with Selling are taken away as once the 14 day period is up, the funds are yours and there's no  risk of chargebacks or returns.

Part-Exchanging can also be a time-efficient way to trade your bags and postage on your chosen purchase is then entirely free within the UK. Please do remember though, financially its always better to Consign your item as the credit value you receive from a part-exchange is always less than if you sold your item via the Nest.

Just get in touch and the Nest will do all the work for you. It really is that easy.