Restoration & Refurbishment

Many pre-owned bags will show not only signs of use and wear, but sometimes will have specific issues such as internal grubbiness, pen marks or staining.

In some cases the colour of the leather may have faded or the finish may just not be as bright as it once was and though a well-used piece can be beautiful 'as-is', they do often have potential to be given a new lease of life!

Of course, I always ensure the complete details of any issues are fully disclosed and photographed for my potential buyers (and also priced appropriately) but if you prefer your bag to just be that little bit 'newer' then you may want to see whether it can be spruced up by an expert who really knows what they are doing.

So, whilst I can identify and highlight the issues, I don't have the time, tools or knowledge to revive sadly, but often the issues can be minimised or even removed entirely by a good leather restoration company .

Whilst results can never be guaranteed there is usually a marked improvement between 'before' and 'after' and I am always happy to recommend an excellent service, so just get in touch as I'd be delighted to assist.

Chanel Multi Chain White