The Nests New Arrivals

Not long now!!!

Not long to go now till the Nest is open for purchases and time is just flying by, (as it always seems to do at this time of year!)

As you'd expect, I'm super busy behind the scenes in preparation for reopening in January with lots of amazing stock coming in. Items will be visible to browse as from 22nd December, so you'll have a couple of weeks to pour over all the Lovelies and see whether something takes your eye before committing to purchase.

P&P is free above £5,000 and subsidised below......and don't forget when you pay via Bank Transfer you can Return any item completely Fee Free.

The Nest will reopen for purchases on the 3rd or possibly 4th January 2022 but watch this space for further details and information.

I also thought it was the right time to publish the Nest's Sustainability Policy so if you have a mo to take a look, that would be wonderful. Any feedback would be very much welcomed, as its an ever evolving committment for us all, and we know we all have to play our part in saving the planet.

Thanks again, take care, stay safe and see you soon!  Shian xx