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Vintage Mulberry

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It’s widely known I am a sucker for the older Mulberry leathers.

Nothing’s quite as classic as a well spaced Congo print, a characterful Kenya or a gloriously grainy Chester Goatskin.


The aroma of a lovingly cared for, vintage Darwin piece is utterly intoxicating and the robustness and beauty of this leather has yet to be surpassed by any other, in my view.elgin

I’m often asked why the Nest doesn’t stock more Vintage Mulberry and the answer is, I’d love to!

It’s just sooo difficult to find pieces that are in a good enough condition, as even the hardiest of pieces will show wear and tear after 10 years + use. (It’s super rare for unused pieces to come in, as who could resist not carrying a beautiful piece for all that length of time?)

When I am lucky enough to be approached with a piece that’s just too lovely not to accept, I think it’s safe to say I don’t hold back on how I feel about their fabulousness! I just can’t help being a bit too verbose as sometimes even the photos don’t do these older pieces justice.

My favourite Mulberry design to date has to be the ‘Somerset’ Range. From the wee little pochettes to the North South Totes…. and all the variations of the shoulder bags, hobos and messengers in between…… I’ve always loved their chunky discs, their pretty but practical styling and ultimately their sleek simplicity.

Mulberry Somerset Dispatch Satchel

Probably the bag I regret rehoming the most, from my own collection, was a stunning Mulberry Somerset Dispatch Satchel in Oak Tumbled Leather.

A really good sized flap-bag that just ticked all the boxes. Saying that…..these days I’d probably find it too large and a little too heavy, but still, it does haunt me a little that I let it go too prematurely.

Anyway, I know there’s still lots of interest in the older designs, so below is a  little montage of some of my fave Mulberrys the Nest rehomed between 2009 and 2011. 

If you’re like me and have some time on your hands, see how many names you can remember and perhaps which ones you’ve actually owned!

Stay home, (if you can), stay safe and stay well.

Lots of love



Vintage 1

Vintage 2

Vintage 3

Vintage 4

Vintage 5

Vintage 6

Vintage 7